Miss Nowhere Diner


Dakota gambles — alot. And he has finally won something. This month’s rent money has bought a raffle ticket from an elderly couple who want to unload their diner and move south. Now he must convince his young wife, Kaitlyn, that they have finally broken free. Miss Nowhere Diner takes a poignant look at the power of faith and the lure of deceit. Somewhere along the logging roads and the Balm of Gilead stream these two young people must test their dreams. After promising “no more gambling,” Dakota begins to miss the highs, and soon he is sneaking off to a weekly poker game. In denial, Kaitlyn manages to hold tight to her faith in Dakota’s promises until her sister Beth arrives. Beth tries to get Kaitlyn to see the truth. But seeing the truth is one thing; knowing what to do about it is a whole different story. As Dakota’s addiction becomes uncontrollable, they call on a trucker/preacher who thinks of his flock “not as sheep, but as deer in the headlights of life.” As each character’s outlook is altered, the audience is left to decide what truly constitutes conversion — what truly constitutes change. This humorous yet serious play explores such universals as poverty, addiction, relationships, faith, promises, the love of truth and the truth of love.